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Investment Opportunities in Key Sectors

1. Agriculture


  • Fertilizers, chemicals
  • Better high yielding seeds and plant materials cross breed
  • Irrigation system; water pumps, steel pipes, hosepipes
  • Pesticides
  • Storage including, cold storage
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Agricultural tools and equipments
  • Air (transport) freight
  • Assembly of tractors, generators, motors
  • Extension services
  • Organic farming
  • Spare parts and accessorie
  • Agricultural extension
  • Veterinary services
  • Dipping services
  • Farmers Training – Better production methods, quality control and improvement
  • Transport services (from farm to markets)
  • Farm preparation – ploughing, harrowing, planting
  • Storage and drying of harvested Agricultural produce.


Kenya is a vast country with a wide range of potential tourist attractions, which have not been fully exploited. Currently, the tourism industry is mainly concentrated at the country’s coastal area and in the National Parks and Game Reserves. As a policy matter, the Government of Kenya is strongly committed to the regional diversification of this very important industry to other areas for some good reasons.

Similarly, the potential for the domestic market has not been fully exploited. There is also need to identify other tourist attractions besides the existing National Parks, Game Reserves and the Beach. In order to extend the length of stay of “safari” tourists in Kenya, emphasis will be put into the development of inland “resorts” situated close to the national parks and game reserves.

The main constraint to the development of such resorts has been lack of sufficient investment capital. Participation in such investment ventures will, therefore, be very much encouraged by the Government of Kenya in order to exploit the tourism potential in those areas. Some of the viable projects are:

  • Cruise-Ship Project on Lake Victoria
  • Bomas of Kenya Tourist Hotel Project
  • Bomas of Kenya Amusement Park Project
  • Mombasa Island Hotel Project
  • Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Hotel Project
  • Health Spa Projects

3. Mining

Mineral exploration and exploitation are currently carried under the auspices of the Mining Act, CAP.306 of the Laws of Kenya, and is administered by the Department of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Generally, in Kenya, there exist high mineral potential areas i.e. the gold bearing greenstone belt of Western Kenya and Mozambique Belt in Central and Southern Kenya. Several exploration companies have been granted exploration licences to explore for gold and base metals in these areas. Some of the above high mineral areas have been staked by both local and foreign companies.

Investors may wish to enter into joint ventures with companies already holding exploration concessions.

4. Housing

Need for low cost technologies and materials
Funding for building of affordable houses

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