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H.E. Dr. William Samoei RUTO, C.G.H.,

President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces His Excellency Dr William Samoei Ruto was sworn in on September 13, 2022, after winning the Presidential election. He was elected on August 9, 2022 on a United Democratic Party (UDA) ticket, a >>Read more

Amb. Betty CHERWON

Head of Mission Ambassador Betty Cherwon, MBS, ‘ndc’(K) is a long serving Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Kenya. She is a seasoned diplomat who joined the Ministry in 1996 and has served in various capacities in the >>>Read more

Amb. Kasera ACHAYO

Deputy Head of Mission Amb. Kasera Achayo, is a distinguished leader with a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds spanning diverse sectors inter alia; commercial enterprises, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and most recently, diplomacy.Widely acknowledged for >>>Read more


The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Paris was opened in 1966 and the first Ambassador was appointed in 1970. The Embassy is also concurrently accredited to Portugal, Serbia, Monaco and the Holy See.
The Embassy is also responsible for coordinating the work of the Kenya Honorary Consulates in Monaco and Begrade >>>Read more


PCS attends Humanitarian Conference in Paris

May 15, 2024

PCS attends Humanitarian Conference in Paris Prime Cabinet Secretary and Cab


May 9, 2024

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya wishes to inform that the office shall


March 28, 2024

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya wishes to inform that the office shall

Jamhuri day Celebrations in Paris December 2023

December 9, 2023

The Embassy of Kenya in France, in collaboration with KIFUA, invite all Keny

Principal Secretary for State Department of Diaspora Affairs in Paris

October 23, 2023

Principal Secretary for State Department of Diaspora Affairs in Paris Paris,

Mashujaa Day celebration 2023 Paris

October 19, 2023

All Kenyans in France are warmly invited to join us for Mashujaa Day 2023 in



The Government of Kenya recognizes the immense potential of the Diaspora community in advancing the Bottom-Up Economic Transformative Agenda (BETA). The invaluable resources, both tangible and intangible held by the Diaspora represents a unique opportunity to drive Kenya's sustainable development.

To tap into the skills, talent, experience, and knowledge, the State Department is proposing to establish a Kenya-Diaspora Skills Transfer Program. The program aims to harness the skills, talent, experience, knowledge of the Kenyan Diaspora to make an impact on Kenya's economic, Social, and Political development. Some of the identified sectors for the transfer program include; ICT and Financial Technology (Fintech), Medical Technology, Agriculture and Food Security, Blue Economy and the Creative Economy.

The Kenya -Diaspora Skills Transfer Program will give a platform for Kenyans based abroad to be consulted on various development policies and offer their unique skills, perspectives and experiences on a needs basis to critical areas of the Kenyan economy that have had shortfalls in the above-mentioned sectors.
The State Department plans to bridge the interested Kenyan diaspora to local stakeholders like MDAs, County Governments, Community Based organizations through initiatives like Virtual Training and Mentorship Programs, On-site Workshops and Seminars , Collaborative Research Projects, Internship and Exchange Programs, Business Incubation and Investment Support, short—term placement opportunities in Kenya, and CSR programs.

The Kenyans in Diaspora who wish to express their interest to the Skills Transfer Program are encouraged to register here.


2NDMAY 2024


The State Department for Diaspora Affairs advises all Kenyans living abroad that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is offering tax amnesty for taxes owing for the period up-to 31st December 2022.

This offer is valid up to 30th June 2024 and in this regard, the Kenyan diaspora are encouraged to file their taxes for the year 2023 immediately.

For further queries, kindly visit the following links:

1.Guide on Amnesty Implementation:

2.Guide on filing Income tax:

3. Frequently asked questions (faq):

Any queries should be sent to the International Relations and Diplomacy Division on Email and a copy to


2ND MAY 2024

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, wishes to inform that the State Department for Diaspora Affairs is in the process of administering a Diaspora Investment Strategy questionnaire aimed at garnering insights of the opportunities and challenges encountered within the investment climate.

The data collected is crucial and will inform the inaugural Diaspora Investment Strategy that the State Department is working on. In this regard, we request you the Kenyan Diaspora to give your insights by filling in a questionnaire.

The questionnaire is available  here 

The Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs is committed to ensuring that the Kenyan Diaspora Community’s voice is heard in the country’s national development agenda.

9TH APRIL 2024


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